End of Year Newsletter 2020

Final Newsletter

This will be the final newsletter of the year for the NSSLHA chapter of 2019–2020. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication that each of our chapter members have put forward this year! This year, we were able to raise a large amount of money to donate to Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin as well as for Autism Speaks. We have hosted various fundraisers, from bake sales to our Speechie Savers thrift shop! We spent time decorating the clinic, learning to make therapy tools, going bowling, and so many other fun events! Above all, we enjoyed getting closer as a Marquette Department and as a NSSLHA chapter. We were so sad we had to cut our year short, but we are looking forward to see all of you soon! We hope that each of you have an amazing summer :)

A letter to our graduates…

Dear Graduates,

We know this wasn’t the ending you expected. As a chapter, we cannot imagine how you are feeling right now. Although we cannot give you these experiences back, we also cannot thank you enough for showing our students leadership, dedication, and kindness. This isn’t the ending you expected, but it does not take away all that you accomplished during your time at Marquette and all that you will accomplish in the exciting future to come. Despite not being able to be together right now, we are all celebrating you from afar and are so very proud of each and every one of you. We love and miss you and wish you all the best!


Marquette NSSLHA

2019–2020 Spirit of Marquette Award

Hannah, thank you for all that you do ❤

Our 2019–2020 President has done so many amazing things for our chapter. Her involvement with NSSLHA started her freshman year and continued on throughout her undergraduate career. We are so grateful for her spirit and leadership these last 4 years. She will be the first recipient of the “Spirit of Marquette” Award for our NSSLHA chapter. Tina Creegan, our MU-NSSLHA advisor, says, “The award captures the essence of a giving nature to others. Hannah has consistently demonstrated this as the President of MU NSSLHA with her thoughts and actions towards others and her true commitment to the well-being of our NSSLHA Chapter”.

Hannah will be receiving a certificate in the fall for the award. Congrats Hannah!


Name: Emily Karr

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Barrington, IL

Favorite thing about Marquette: “..it is a community of people who truly care about one another and want each other to succeed”

Favorite quarantine activity: Playing ukulele!

Meet the NEW Executive Board for 2020–2021

Mary Grace Riley (President)
Nibia Joseph (Vice President)
Zelexus Robledo (Secretary)
Evyn Hausman (Treasurer)
Mary Jurich (Public Relations Officer)
Molly McDermott (Sophomore Representative)
Molly Glowacki (Junior Representative)
Yaitzell Noriega (Senior Representative)





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NSSLHA Marquette

NSSLHA Marquette

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