November/December 2018 Newsletter

What Have We Done This Month?

This month, our chapter was extremely active! To kick off the start of November, our first meeting was with Brittany Hasseldeck. We enjoyed our time with her and learned so much about making a career out of Speech Pathology. We had a great turn out and look forward to having more speakers this next semester!

Next, on November 13th we had our first ever Sobelman’s fundraiser and it was a big hit! At our fundraiser, anybody that purchased a burger during the hours of 11am-10pm helped to donate $1 directly to Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin. We were very happy with the turn out and have reached our donation goal that we had previously set. This next semester, we will be focusing on another organization and hope to make just as much of an impact and donate just as much as we have to DSAW. THANK YOU to all the individuals who volunteered the day of the fundraiser or came out to enjoy a burger on the 13th and helped donate. We appreciate it!

During the weekend before Thanksgiving, some of our fellow Speech Pathology and Audiology majors flew to Boston for the annual ASHA convention in Boston, Massachusetts.

At the ASHA convention, over 15,000 individuals in the speech language pathology and hearing science world come together to meet each other and learn about new research that is being done or skills that help to advance our work as SLPs and Audiologists. This year, Addy Thompson, Claire Nesbitt and Laura Summers took their research from Dr. Iuzzini-Seigel’s Communication, Language and Learning Lab to Boston. In addition, Laura McCormick took her research from Dr. Berry and Mrs. Valla’s lab to Boston too! We are so proud of the hard work and dedication that our students at Marquette University put forth every single day. It is wonderful to see that hard work being celebrated at a national convention such as this. Great work!

Our e-board hopes that each of you in NSSLHA had a great Thanksgiving holiday and we wish you luck on finals and finishing up the semester!

Meeting This Week

On Wednesday, November 28th we will be hosting a potluck in Cramer Hall 104J. We will begin at 5:00pm! This will be the last meeting of the semester for NSSLHA and will be the perfect study break and kick-off to the start of the holiday celebrations. We would love everybody and anybody to come out and enjoy some food, play some games, and chat with faculty and other students! In the link below, feel free to sign up to bring food, drinks, or dessert to the potluck:

Members of the Month

Because this newsletter is for November and December, we decided that we will recognize two outstanding members of the month. These individuals that are being recognized have earned the most points in comparison with others in our club. This means that they have attended an extraordinary amount of events, meetings, and have taken the time to volunteer at various fundraisers throughout the semester. Thank you to both of you for continuing to make NSSLHA so great.

The first member of the month is… NIBIA JOSEPH!

Let’s get to know Nibia!

  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: Speech Pathology and Audiology
  • From: Elmhurst, IL
  • Residence Hall: Cobeen Hall
  • Favorite Class: Intro to SPPA
  • Favorite Study Spot: AMU
  • What to look forward to in December: Christmas!!
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere with family
  • Favorite Animal: Turtle
  • Fun Fact: “Coming to Cramer for the first time is the number one reason I chose Marquette”

The second member of the month is… MOLLY GLOWACKI!

Let’s get to know Molly!

  • Year: Freshman
  • Major: Speech Pathology and Audiology
  • From: Cudahy, Wisconsin
  • Residence Hall: The Commons
  • Favorite Class: Psychology 1001
  • Favorite Study Spot: The library
  • What to look forward to in December: Christmas music!
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Door County, Wisconsin
  • Favorite Animal: Hedgehog
  • Fun Fact: “My name as a summer camp counselor was Hedgehog”

Volunteer Opportunities

Finish up the semester by volunteering at one of the DSAW or Penfield Holiday Parties! Giving back to the community makes the holiday season special — by volunteering at either of these sites, you will be making a HUGE difference in somebody’s day this holiday season. Contact Hannah Delaney or Lee-Anne Madsen to find out more information and get involved! With each volunteer event that you go to, you have the opportunity to earn 10 points! Below are the upcoming events:

NSSLHA Student Caucus and WSHA Convention

Recently, our president received some important news on the upcoming Student Caucus in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Speech and Hearing Association (WSHA) Convention.

This year, the WSHA Convention will be held from Thursday, February 14th to Saturday February 16th and is a great opportunity for individuals to network and collaborate with other Speech Pathology and Audiology majors around the world. The Convention will be held in Green Bay, Wisconsin this year. The NSSLHA Student Caucus will be held at the WSHA Convention on Saturday, where there will be different topics discussed about the speech and hearing careers, and individuals will have the opportunity to grow in leadership and motivation as SLPs and Audiologists.

The e-mail explained that, “In addition to the Caucus, the convention will have sessions on student advocacy, professionalism/social media, a graduate school question and answer panel, and a student interactive trivia game, as well as medical, school, audiology, and birth-six tracks to suit all of your interests!” The WSHA Convention sounds like a great way to learn more about our major and career path, and to meet others that may impact our work throughout the future. If interested, please contact for more details, links to sign up for the Convention, or more information on being a WSHA member.

Fun Fact!

There have been many famous individuals that have overcome speech and articulation disorders! Some of these individuals include Marilyn Monroe, Elton John, Winston Churchill, and Thomas Jefferson.




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