NSSLHA Newsletter — January/February 2021

Where has the time gone…

Can you believe that it is already nearly March? We can’t either, but we had a great start to the new semester in January and February! One particularly fun event NSSLHA held this year was our Valentine’s hand-out in Cramer Hall. Members of NSSLHA were greeted by our E-Board team and handed sweet cards and yummy candy treats to brighten their day and spread the love on February 14th! E-Board has been busy planning the months ahead and we are especially excited to participating in WSHA’s Instagram takeover for the week of 3/21–3/27. Lookout for featured Instagram stories about our executive team and MU NSSLHA chapter.

Valentine’s and treats Exec-Board members passed out in Cramer

Apparel Drop

We finally dropped our Spring semester apparel which included long sleeve tees, short sleeve tees, and stickers too! We are so happy with our ASL “BE KIND” design and can’t wait to see the NSSLHA members wearing them around campus!

Long-Sleeve options not pictured
ASL “Be Kind” sticker design

Q&A With Professor Jennifer Eggert

Each new month we feature a professor from within our College of Health Sciences department here at Marquette. This month we are honored to present Professor Eggert!

  1. What is your job title and what courses at Marquette do you teach within the Speech Pathology and Audiology Department?
    As a Clinical Assistant Professor, I am responsible for supervising on campus clinic and a diagnostic team. Additionally, I coordinate and supervise off campus clinical community outreach at Gigi’s Playhouse (in Fox Point) where we provide free weekly therapy sessions to children with Down Syndrome and other developmental needs. I am also responsible for teaching SPPA 1001 Introduction to Speech Pathology and Audiology.
  2. Why did you decide to get into the profession?
    I was interested in teaching and medicine. My mother (a nurse) suggested the field and arranged for me to shadow at her place of employment. I fell in love with the idea of providing pediatric intervention and combining both my areas of interest.
  3. What is your favorite thing about the profession and teaching at Marquette?
    I ADORE that the families and clients teach me as much (if not more) than I teach them. The same can be said about my job at MU. I am blessed to make an impact on multiple levels while continuously improving myself from a professional standpoint.
  4. Please tell us one fun fact about yourself!
    I sang at Carnegie Hall! When I was an undergrad, I was part of a small chamber choir (20 singers). Our director sent in an audition tape, and we were selected to open a collegiate choir event. That 20 min alone on stage with my group is something that I will never forget!
  5. Advice for students continuing their education and careers in Speech Pathology and Audiology
    From a pediatric standpoint, I personally learned a lot by being an ABA therapist and providing respite care during grad school. I highly recommend these types of early learning opportunities. I also recommend early membership into our state organization (WSHA). Professionally, it is an opportunity for networking, engagement, and advocacy.

Special thank you to Professor Eggert for participating in this month’s newsletter Q&A! Carnegie Hall — How cool!!

Save the Date:


  • 3/3 World Hearing Day! Lookout for our table at the AMU @ 11–3
  • 3/10 Mental Health Day — No School
  • 3/7 St. Patrick’s Day
  • Week of 3/21–3/27 WSHA Instagram Takeover
  • Week of 3/22 Chapter Meeting


  • 4/4 Easter Day
  • Week of 4/5 Chapter Meeting
  • Week of 4/19 Last Chapter Meeting

Feel free to reach out to any of the E-Board members or send an email to marquetteNSSLHAchapter@gmail.com with any of your comments, questions, or concerns!

Interested in NSSLHA E-Board?

Are you interested in having a more in-depth involvement with MU NSSLHA? Apply for executive board! Our positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations, Senior/Junior/Sophomore/Freshman Reps. Click on the link below or contact someone from the current executive board with your questions! Applications due Friday Feb. 26th


Thank you for reading! Take care of yourself and stay happy and healthy. See you at the end of March!

– NSSLHA E-Board




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