NSSLHA Newsletter — March 2021

Looking Back at the March Madness:

Pictured above is one of our Instagram posts raising CSD awareness

Midterms have passed us, Easter is coming, and before we know it it’s going to be final exams! Let’s reminisce about our jam-packed March… We started March off strong by raising awareness for World Hearing Day on March 3rd. This year’s theme was “Hearing Care For All” and NSSLHA helped promote hearing care on our MU’s campus by passing out free ear plugs in the AMU and posting on Instagram! There was a virtual event on 3/9 called “Speech Therapy beyond Borders” where students were able to learn and hear about international SLP opportunities across the globe. We held an all-chapter St. Patty’s Day themed meeting via Teams on 3/23 where we participated in an amusing Kahoot trivia about the NSSLHA newsletter, and Would-You-Rather about all things Speech/Audiology! NSSLHA was very active on Instagram this month as we fundraised for MU Dance Marathon through the Instagram story feature, we spread the news about communication sciences and disorders (CSD), and we also participated in a week-long takeover for the WSHA Students Instagram page (which you can read more about below!)

Here we have our graphics promoting World Hearing Day “Hearing Care For All” that took place on March 3rd
Photos above from our St. Patrick themed all-chapter meeting

WSHA Instagram Takeover

Like we said above, NSSLHA was very active on Instagram this month, but not only our page, but we got the chance to run WSHA’s Student page for a whole week as well! We had so much fun giving some special insights to our Marquette NSSLHA Chapter as we posted about our awesome E-Board and their favorite things about being speechies, we answered any questions that viewers wrote in pertaining to our chapter, and we gave an inside-look at one of our all-chapter meetings. We had such a blast! Did you happen to miss our takeover? No worries, we got you covered! Head over to @ wsha_students Instagram page and click on their highlight reel to see all things MU NSSLHA!:)

Q&A With Professor Iuzzini-Seigel

Each new month NSSLHA features a professor from within our College of Health Sciences department here at Marquette. For the month of March we are honored to highlight Professor Iuzzini-Seigel!

Professor Iuzzini-Seigel Pictured Above. Thank you for participating!
  1. What is your job title and what courses at Marquette do you teach within the Speech Pathology and Audiology Department?
    Assistant Professor. I teach Speech Sound Disorders (UG), Speech Sound Intervention (Grad), Voice Disorders (Grad), and sometimes Research Methods (Grad)
  2. Why did you decide to get into the profession?
    My dad had a right hemisphere stroke and I was introduced to the field of speech pathology! I thought it seemed like an amazing profession -they worked with speech, cognition, swallowing… I knew it was a profession in which I would never get bored. I worked for a few years after college in nonprofits but when I was ready to go back for graduate school, I decided to try out speech path. I did all my prereqs at Queens College in NYC before going to grad school at Indiana University and I haven’t looked back! It was the perfect fit for me.
  3. What is your favorite thing about the profession and teaching at Marquette?
    As a professor, I love that I get paid to solve problems. Dr. Patterson told me that I never see problems, I only see solutions. I love thinking of new ways of doing things, creating efficiencies, solving problems creatively, and making research accessible to clinicians and families. I love working with students, especially students who work in my lab for a few years. I get to see them grow so much when they start off as sophomores volunteering in my lab and then participate in various fellowships and ultimately even stay on as graduate assistants as well. I am always so impressed by how much undergraduate students contribute to the research process and how much creativity and energy they bring as well.
  4. Please tell us one fun fact about yourself!
    I was a studio art major as an undergrad student!
  5. Advice for students continuing their education and careers in Speech Pathology and Audiology
    Persist persist persist in everything you do. We all fail, but when we work hard and persist, we succeed as well! Also, always remember that whoever you are treating (a child, a grownup, or someone in between), whoever you are treating is the most important person in the world (to their mom, to their kid, to their spouse). Treat every patient like the most important person in the world, go the extra mile for them, and never let a patient fall in the cracks. Make referrals to other health care providers. Care for the whole individual.

Upcoming E-Board

First of all we want to say thank you so much to anyone who applied for NSSLHA E-Board for next school year. We had so many great applicants and love that so many of you want to get involved. Whether you are officially on the executive board or not, we encourage you to reach out if you want to help in any of the planning of events or fundraisers we do at Marquette. We appreciate you and our hardworking, dedicated members! That being said, let’s take a moment to recognize the upcoming NSSLHA executive board for the 2021–2022 academic school year!…

  • President — Nibia Joseph
  • Vice President — Molly T. McDermott
  • Treasurer — Evyn Hausman
  • Secretary — Kelsey Giachetti
  • Public Relations — Mary Jurich
  • Senior Rep — Hiranmayi Vangipuram
  • Junior Rep — Fiona Donnelly
  • Sophomore Rep — Victoria Contreras
  • Freshman Rep — TBD

Congratulations to everyone listed above! We are so excited to have you on board and are very hopeful for the year to come.

What’s Next on the Agenda


  • 4/1 Holy Thursday
  • 4/2 Good Friday
  • 4/4 Easter
  • Week of 4/5 All-Chapter Meeting (Yoga)
  • Week of 4/19 — Last All-Chapter Meeting (Rock Painting)
  • 4/20 Mental Health Day — No School


  • 5/5 Mental health Day — No School
  • Week of 5/10 Spring Semester Final Exams
  • 5/12 Virtual Advocacy Day

Lookout on our Instagram page for any flyers regarding events or updates/changes to the calendar!

Thank you so much for reading! We hope that you had as great of a March as we did. Join us next month for another professor Q&A and more updates. If you have not picked up your ordered apparel yet please reach out to Mary Grace Riley. See you next month!

Thanks Friends,





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