NSSLHA Newsletter — November/December 2020

News from November…

This past month had a lot of focus on all things GRAD SCHOOL! With upcoming deadlines quickly approaching we wanted to get our members prepared for what to expect and knowledge on how to apply! NSSLHA put together a Q&A panel with Dr. Patterson to ask How-To questions for applying for graduate school. Students also asked questions about the application regarding the personal essay and testing scores. For another meeting we held a virtual teams call with five students currently enrolled in graduate programs at various universities. NSSLHA members were able to ask questions about what life in graduate school looks like, and questions about how to manage your time in a rigorous program! NSSLHA would like to give a big shoutout and thank you to all of the students on the panel, Dr. Patterson, and the NSSLHA members who participated in the meetings!

One of the info slides from Dr. Patterson’s Grad Panel

Fundraiser Update:

NSSLHA previously held a virtual Instagram Bingo Board fundraiser and raised $345 for the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin, DSAW. How great is that!? Thank you for everyone who participated, donated, and raised awareness!

Q&A with Professor Dr. Berry:

Each new month NSSLHA is going to feature a professor from within our College of Health Sciences department here at Marquette. For the month of November we are honored to highlight Dr. Berry!

Thank you for your participation!
  1. What is your job title and what courses at Marquette do you teach within the Speech Pathology and Audiology Department?
    I’m an Associate Professor, Director of the Marquette Speech & Swallowing Lab and Director of the Marquette Post-Baccalaureate Program. I’ve been at Marquette since 2007. I currently teach undergraduate courses in Anatomy & Physiology, Speech Science, and the graduate course in Sensorimotor Speech Disorders (e.g., Dysarthrias and Apraxia of Speech). I used to teach Swallowing Disorders and Procedures in Medical Settings.
  2. Why did you decide to get into the profession?
    When I was growing up, I had family in various parts of the country and was very curious about dialectal differences in speech. My dad was a social worker and so I also had experiences with people with various disabilities, particularly ones that affected sensorimotor control. I started college as an Engineering major, but soon found that unsatisfying. I had several other majors in college and discovered Speech Pathology by working in a lab that studied tongue movement. I soon found that I could do “technical work” and help people!
  3. What is your favorite thing about the profession and teaching at Marquette?
    I find it very satisfying to help people (both clinically and as a teacher). I enjoy the challenges of doing science and trying to improve our understanding of how the brain controls speech for “typical” talkers, during second language speech, and in survivors of brain injury. My favorite aspect of my job is helping students find passion to work as clinicians and scientists.
  4. Please tell us one fun fact about yourself!
    I worked as a DJ in high school and college. I have been collecting (vinyl) records since I was very young. I have many thousands of records.
  5. Advice for students continuing their education and careers in Speech Pathology and Audiology
    Keep an open mind. There are many ways to focus your career (clinician, teacher, scientist, administrator, etc.). Your experiences with different clinical populations and different facets of work in the realm of communication disorders will lead you to your passion! You don’t need to be a “4.0” to pursue an academic career. Some of the best teachers and scientists I know were not “4.0” students (I certainly wasn’t). A love for teaching and learning, a desire to answer challenging questions, and the inspiration to help people in need are common traits among all successful people in our field.

Looking Ahead:

Unfortunately this semester of NSSLHA has come to a close, however there is still a full semester of upcoming fun! One thing that we know will get you excited for the next semester of NSSLHA is what has been on everyone’s mind — our apparel drop! So, we wanted to leave you with an apparel sneak peak over the long break.

Drumroll please…

(Subject to change — not final product)

I know, we love it too ;)

We look forward to seeing you next semester! Take some time for yourself to relax, be around family, and have a happy holidays!

Finish the semester strong! You’re so close! You’ve got this! And happy studying:)




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