NSSLHA Newsletter — November/December 2021

NSSLHA in November:

Wow! Can you believe that it is already December? As we prepare to head home for winter break and finish out the semester strong, we want to take a look back on all of the fun that came with November and the beginning of December!

Apparel Arrived!

We were so excited for this apparel drop, and we absolutely love seeing the NSSLHA members and the SPPA students and faculty sporting our tees and sweatshirts!

Dr. Moyle rocking the MU SPPA Tee
NSSLHA Junior Representative Fiona Donnelly looking great in the new sweatshirt

NSSLHA Meets OT and PT

NSSLHA joined together with the Occupational Therapy Club and PT Student Council for an all-chapter inter-professional meeting. Students channeled their creative side and made crafty beaded bracelets.

NSSLHA members making their bracelets
NSSLHA’s president Nibia Joseph wearing her sweet “SLP” bracelet

Fundraising Foodies

This past month NSSLHA partnered with Auntie Anne’s and Jamba Juice here on campus for our November fundraiser. Students were asked to attend one of the two restaurants and NSSLHA received 15% of the sales! A big thank you to everyone who supported. Who doesn’t love pretzels and smoothies!?!?

End of the Semester Potluck

This past Friday NSSLHA hosted our biannual end of the semester potluck! We ate pizza, listened to holiday music, and had treats and good cheer to celebrate ending another fantastic semester full of success.

NSSLHA Students getting into the holiday spirit!

NBASLH 2022 Convention
The National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing Convention is scheduled for March in Houston, Texas. There are a number of scholarships available with information linked here. The SPPA department is also offering funds to help support attendance. Please email Dr. Patterson (emily.patterson@marquette.edu) by January 5, 2022 if you are interested in attending!

FRESH Faces:
This year for the newsletter we would like to highlight some of our new fresh faces that have recently joined NSSLHA. This month we have chosen to highlight NSSLHA member, Danica Hansen!

We’re so happy to have you as a member of NSSLHA Danica!

Danica Hansen
Speech Pathology
What you’re most excited about for NSSLHA:
Meeting new people and making friends within my major
Fun Fact:
My dog can do back flips
Any other Extracurriculars on Campus:
Intramural sports and Cru

Text Mary Jurich @6128340905 to nominate a Fresh New Face!

Thank you for another great month! Good luck finishing up the semester. Remember to try your best always with finals, but your grades do not define you! Have a safe winter break.

See you in January!:)
–– NSSLHA E-Board




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