NSSLHA Newsletter — September 2020

NSSLHA Marquette
4 min readOct 1, 2020


Meet our New E-board!

Mary Grace Riley (President)
Nibia Joseph (Vice President)
Evyn Hausman (Treasurer)
Zelexus Robledo (Secretary)
Mary Jurich (Public Relations)
Yaitz Noriega (Senior Representative)
Molly Glowacki (Junior Representative)
Molly T. McDermott (Sophomore Representative)
Victoria Contreras (Freshman Representative)

Looking Back on The Month

E-board has been busy planning some fun ways to stay involved in NSSLHA both virtually and as much in-person as we can! Our first meeting was in-person (socially distanced) on September 16th on the McCormick Lawn. We made cards for the MUSHC clients and discussed what the year is going to look like. We were so excited to meet all of the new and returning members and to see everyone’s smiling faces, (or should I say everyone’s fun masks!;)

E-Board conducting one of their monthly meetings via Teams!
Cute & creative cards that were made for the MUSHC clients!

What to Look Forward To:

Upcoming NSSLHA Meetings:

  • Freshmen Mixer — TBD
  • Tuesday 10/13/2020
  • Wednesday 11/11/2020
  • Thursday 11/19 — Grad Student Panel

Feel free to reach out to any of the E-Board members or send an email to marquetteNSSLHAchapter@gmail.com with any of your comments, questions, or concerns! Updates on events and news will be posted consistently throughout the Instagram page @mu_nsslha too, so feel free to send us a DM through Instagram as well!

Q&A with Professor Tina Puglisi-Creegan

Each new month we are going to feature a professor from within our department here at Marquette. This month we are honored to present our NSSLHA advisor, Professor Creegan!

  1. What is your job title and what courses at Marquette do you teach within the Speech Pathology and Audiology Department?
    I am an Associate Clinical Professor within the department. My responsibilities include teaching in the clinical area of neurogenics, with special emphasis on treating chronic communicative neurogenic disorders such as aphasia, acquired apraxia, dysarthria, and cognition using techniques and strategies stemming from neuroplasticity. I direct and designed the Intensive Aphasia Program at the Marquette University Speech and Hearing Clinic.
  2. Why did you decide to get into the profession?
    I have always been attracted to studying languages, including English! I felt that my love of understanding the underpinnings and structure of language would be a good fit with helping individuals who want to regain or improve speech and language abilities. Thus, my major was selected, and it has been a labor of love for many years!
  3. What is your favorite thing about the profession and teaching at Marquette?
    I feel that God has blessed me by bringing me to this profession and Marquette. There are so many things that I love about the profession of Speech Pathology and teaching at Marquette that I could write a very long essay about it! However, if I had to pinpoint a few things it would be that the profession has kept me engaged and challenged daily! I never stop learning and applying new strategies which I hope, will be beneficial to those who need our help. As for teaching at Marquette, the students are my joy. They keep me on my toes and show me that the future is bright with so many caring individuals! I feel so thankful to have mentored so many of you!
  4. Please tell us one fun fact about yourself!
    I love to cook and it is a huge passion of mine! Everything must be fresh and made from scratch!
  5. Advice for students continuing their education and careers in Speech Pathology and Audiology:
    I would say to you — — — -NEVER be satisfied with your knowledge base. Always look for better ways to help those you serve. Actually, if you do this, you are BEING THE DIFFERENCE. A quote to remember — — -“TO THE WORLD YOU MAY BE ONE PERSON, BUT TO ONE PERSON YOU MAY BE THE WORLD” — ANONYMOUS.

Thank you for reading! Stay happy and healthy and remember to wear your mask! Check in on your friends, send a teacher an encouraging note, and take care of yourself during these confusing times!