NSSLHA Newsletter- September & October 2022

Lets take a look at all we have done in the past two months and what exciting things we have coming up!

Social Events!

In September, we had a member spin class here on campus!

Coming up November 1st we hope you all join us to decorate the clinic for autumn!


Over these last 2 months we have done some fundraising for our chapter!

We had a succulent sale!

We had a bake sale!

Merch Sale!

Our merch will be here anyday now! We cannot wait to see you all rock it!


We had an informative graduate school discussion this month. We are so appreciative of Dr. Moyle for taking the time to help us on our paths to graduate school, thank you Dr. Moyle!

We also had a discussion on imposter syndrome open to all speech pathology majors!

Meet new Faces!

This is Ryan Fuerstenberg!

Major: Speech Pathology and Audiology

Ryan is most excited to get to know people in the major, volunteer, and help plan events, we are so excited to have him as our freshman rep!

Fun Fact: Ryan loves to snowboard and play disc golf!

He is also involved in the adaptive abilities club and also plays intramural basketball!

Up and Coming Dates!

11.1.22- Come decorate the Clinic with us!

12.2.22- Holiday Potluck @ 5pm!



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